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Custom Logo Waist Aprons and Embroidered Waist Aprons

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Equip your staff with convenient and protective custom embroidered waist aprons with your restaurant's logo. They are easily tied at the waist and can be quickly removed when necessary. Wearing various lengths and styles, your staff will keep clean and dry while they work. AllStar Logo provides a vast selection of aprons and various colors to make employees look professional and organized. When dealing with messy jobs, these waist aprons protect clothes from stains. They are cool, edgy and provide a wide range of motion. Custom logo waist aprons are also incredibly durable, so you don’t need to have them replaced as often. And we’ve also made it simple to color coordinate your staff. You can easily implement your own unique design on our website. Embroider your logo on aprons that are constructed for your essential needs. Your shopping experience doubles when you place your order. Shop from us today. We offer a convenient three day service.