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Embroidered Fleece Headbands Customized with Logo

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SKU: BC910
SKU: Y1000EB

Stay warm and in style with custom logo embroidered fleece headbands. During the cold, winter months, the best way to keep your ears warm is with the right headband that fits perfectly. These products are made with flexible materials and come in various styles. AllStar Logo offers the right headwear that are visually appealing and provide you with superior comfort. You can choose from a selection of custom logo headbands, embroidered and two-color fleece head gear. They are soft, long lasting and serve as a great addition to your winter wardrobe. And whichever style you select, you’re guaranteed of an awesome look. This is the ideal fashion accessory that you can’t do without. A custom logo embroidered fleece headband is stylish, versatile, and useful. So, check out our colorful collection to customize your preferred product. Protect yourself this winter with our quality merchandise. When you shop from our website, take advantage of our fast three day service offer.