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Custom Logo Fleece Wear and Embroidered Fleece Wear

custom fleece wear

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Our Custom logo fleece wear is the most common product that our customers choose when looking for something comfortable and warm. At AllStar Logo, Men’s and women’s embroidered fleece wear items can be customized on pullovers, jackets and vests. Many of our clients use custom embroidered fleece jackets to make a lasting impression on their clients as a give away. Our personalized fleece wear products, such as vests, pullovers and jackets are made of 100% Polyester. These items are a popular alternative to wool fabric. Since a lot of people are sensitive to wool. When you choose embroidered fleece merchandise, be sure that the type of fleece you choose is non-pilling. Our clients love Anti-pill fleece wear material because they will not create tiny balls on the fabric after a few washes. Customers who buy Monogrammed fleece wear, also love the fact that they are soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable.

Customized Fleece Jacket

At AllStar Logo, we take your comfort and style very serious. Specially when it comes to our Personalized Fleece Jacket, that has a perfect blend of warmth and personal touch. The design of our products use premium-quality fleece material. Try Our collection of fleece apparel that you can customize to reflect your unique personality and taste. So, whether you are seeking warmth for in chilly evening. Or looking to make a fashion statement. Just know that our Personalized Fleece Wear has got you covered. As a result, our customized fleece wear, is hydrophobic and holds less than one percent of its weight in water. Polar Fleece is a breathable fabric and retains much of its insulating abilities when wet. Custom embroidered fleece wear is ideal for daily activities as it is machine washable and dries quickly. So, give us a try. You'll be glad you did.