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When you offer custom work uniforms with your own embroidered logo to your employees. You also offer your company more exposure in the form of advertising that is reality is absolutely free. Imagine how many of your employees will be wearing their uniforms, before and after coming to work. How many of them will go out to lunch or go for a walk with a colleague during lunch time. Each time your employee wears their customized workwear around the city and in your town. You are getting free exposure to all of your potential customers. But more importantly you are exposing your brand to the world around you and increasing the public's recognition and interest of your brand. All sized companies from big and small use embroidered work wear uniforms, and there is good reason for that. This type of branding offers them unique benefits beyond just its advertising capabilities. It also allows your customer to instantly identify your employees. For a frustrated customer that needs help this is an important and powerful tool for them to see an employee wearing a company logo work uniform. Imagine if everyone was running around your place of business and or restaurant without a uniform. How would your customers know who to ask for help? Or even identify who work there? In conclusion, it is imperative for your clients to see a well dressed employee with business logo workwear uniform. That is why we have built a state of the art Design Studio, where you can upload your own logo or text and instantly view your creation live on your computer screen, with our buying a single piece. So give AllStar Logo a try, you'll be glad you did.